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Foreshore Datacentre Infrastructure

The permanent availability of your business can be critical to the protection of revenues and reputation.

Our facilities consist of two offshore datacentres, which form the core of a fully meshed network that is completely independent of any single telecommunications operator or Internet Service Provider.

We are committed to zero power downtime. To this end, our datacentre has been designed from the outset to ensure that there are no single points of failure and all critical systems in our datacentre are duplicated or are provisioned using at least N+1 Our constant monitoring ensures that any problem receives immediate attention. This level of design and fault tolerance is essential to businesses where the reliability of service to customers is paramount.

Our datacentre infrastructure design includes the following:  

  • 100% service level agreement for power and network availability
  • Diverse fibre connectivity to multiple telecommunication providers
  • IP backbone service from multiple Internet Service Providers
  • 2N UPS and generators
  • 24 x 365 in-house operational support
  • Three level physical access security
  • Professional team of qualified engineers dedicated to network support
  • Extensive customer equipment and infrastructure monitoring systems
  • N+2 air-conditioning and environment control
  • Sophisticated fire detection and suppression system

Whatever the size or specific needs of your business, you will find our facilities flexible enough to meet your expectations.




  • "The professionalism of Foreshore's staff and the quality of its technical infrastructure ensured that the bank was able to continue operations following the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Ivan."

    Managing Director, Bank Austria (Cayman) 

  • "Foreshore's superb record of service delivery is a key factor to our success and core to our product offering."

    CEO, Payoffshore 

  • "Foreshore's email solution service has been simple to deploy. It will scale with our business growth and will reduce costs"

    IT Director, Walkers Global 

Our Jurisdictions

Our headquarters are in Jersey, Channel Islands